Girls 9-11 Rules

Girls 9-11 Red Brick Rules of Play

Game Rules:

  • Games are 40 minutes long / 2 halves / running clock / clock stops only on whistles during the last minute of each half.

  • At the 5 minute mark of each quarter, play is stopped to make player substitutions.

  • Each team must have equal playing time for all players. Each player should play at least 4 “5 minute shifts” on that day.

  • No backcourt pressure – once the defending team gains clear control of the basketball, the shooting (offensive) team must retreat back past the “guarding line”.

  • The ball may not be stolen in transition but, if there is a loose ball (errant pass or lost dribble) either team is allowed to make a play for the ball.

  • The team on offense is allowed to set legal picks and the defense is allowed to switch players. There will be no double picks set on a single player. Just a single pick or screen is allowed to be set.

  • The defense is not allowed to “double team” a player with the ball. The official will use their discretion to determine if a double team does occur and causes a disadvantage for the player with the ball.

Overtime Rules:

  • 3 Minutes (running clock until last minute of overtime) Entire overtime period – “A” Team with subs allowed

  • Each team is granted ONE timeout during OT. (no carryover of timeouts from regulation)

  • Jump-ball will start OT.

  • Team fouls from 2nd half continue to be counted during OT.

  • Maximum of 2 overtime periods. If no winner after two 3-minute periods, the game will be declared a tie.

***During the last minute of each half and OT, the clock will stop on all whistles. The clock will also stop for 15 seconds during line transition periods***

9-11 Special Rules for Defense:

  • There is NO backcourt defense. The defensive team will not start playing defense until the designated line.

  • Man to Man defense is the ONLY defense that is permitted to be played in this division. There is NO zone defense allowed.

  • There is NO intentional double-teaming allowed. A player may play “help defense” if there teammate gets beat, but must retreat as soon as their teammate has recovered.

9-11 Special Rules for Offense:

  • “Over and Back” will not be called in this division. Once the ball is advanced past the designated line and there is subsequently a loose ball that goes behind the half court line, it is anyone’s ball.

  • There are no 3-pointers.

Other Special Rules:

  • Fouling out: NO player will foul out of a game. However, if a specific player is becoming overly aggressive, they will be addressed accordingly by the official. This may result in an intentional foul, or a possible mandatory “sit down” for a specific number of minutes.

  • Team fouls are not kept so there are not foul shots for non-shooting violations – no one and one, bonus, etc. Any foul on the ground will result in the ball out of bounds, and any shooting foul will result in free throw attempts.

  • Timeouts: Each team will get 2 timeouts per half.

Playoff Format/Eligibility:

  • Tie Breakers to determine seeding and inclusion in the post season are as follows and in this order:

▪ Overall record

▪ Head to Head record

▪ Most wins vs. teams with winning record

▪ Playoff / Coin Flip

∙ If we have the gym space available, we will have a playoff to determine if a team is in or out of the playoffs

∙ If not, a coin flip will be the final decision

  • All players must be present for at least half of their team’s regular season games to be eligible to participate in the playoffs.


  • Practice: If the recreation center that you practice at cancels due to weather or other unforeseen issue at the facility, your practice is definitely cancelled. A Board member will contact each coach if the recreation center is closed during practice hours.

  • Games: A Board member will contact each coach if games are cancelled. Typically, games are cancelled if the recreation center is closed due to weather or other unforeseen issue at the facility.

  • Each coach is responsible for notifying their team of any cancellations that occur.

Red Brick Youth Basketball League-Wide Rule on Ejections:

1. If a player, a coach, or a spectator is ejected from a game for any reason, he/she will be automatically suspended from his/her team’s next regularly scheduled game.

2. However, the Red Brick Youth Basketball Board of Directors reserves the right to increase or decrease any suspension upon further review and consultation with the Division Representative.

3. Ejection from a game means that the ejected individual MUST leave the facility and the property of the facility in a timely fashion.

4. If an individual is suspended, that individual is not permitted to be at the facility or the property of the facility during the game(s) that he/she is suspended for.

5. Players and Coaches who are suspended, are still permitted to participate in practices during their suspension unless the Red Brick Youth Basketball Board of Directors decides otherwise.

Please remember, this program is about giving kids an opportunity to play basketball. The focus should be on instruction, skill development and having fun. Please support our officials through good sportsmenship both on and off the court.